Welcome to the Charcoal section. Getting a painting with charcoal is started from the Stone Age. People of Stone Age living in caves used to draw with charcoal or coal to describe stories and events. It would be a hot topic and centre of attraction for your guests if you place self portrait or your loved ones’ portrait on the wall of home. You can see different given below samples to check look and feel of charcoal portraits. 


Charcoal Portrait

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To draw a portrait with a charcoal is one of the traditional methods. With different types of charcoal e.g. charcoal stick, charcoal powder, and charcoal pencil, a charcoal portrait is drawn on cartridge paper. A charcoal portrait looks more dark and confident in comparison with other black and white such as pencil portraits. To fix charcoal drawing on paper permanently fixative spray is spread, with which its life is increased.  A portrait with very good detailing can be drawn with the help of charcoal stick and appropriate quantity and use of charcoal powder. There is no scope for correction in a charcoal portrait but yes charcoal eraser can be used for highlighting. Special care of cleanliness is required for drawing a charcoal portrait. It is drawn not only on paper but on canvas also.