Dry brush technique is one of the modern techniques in the world of portraits. Oil paint is used on water color paper  In dry brush portrait technique. More smoothness and photograph look is created than charcoal portrait. That’s why dry brush portrait technique is becoming popular among people. To have a look, feel and finishing of these portraits, please browse the given below samples.


Dry Brush Portrait                         

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Dry brush technique, has a reason to call it a dry brush technique because in this technique a little black oil paint is taken out from the tube in pallet and two or three drops of sewing machine oil or diesel is mixed in this as a solvent, a little paint is applied on this brush and then it is cleaned in pallet so that in actual the brush would be dry. 0.5 cunic cm black oil paint is required for a black and white portrait. Then a thin layer of oil paint is applied on water colour paper or fabric. As a result, dry brush portrait doesn’t wet and it can be rolled or packed immediately without framing even. Sometimes dry brush portrait looks like graphite portrait. But it has more long life than graphite portraits and there is no need to spray fixative on it.