Professional commision portrait with a fresh new take on your special momment! Enjoy your fond memories for years to come!

Sanjay Das Professional Artist

Welcome dear visitors, your presence shows that you are an art lover and a person who encourages art. You are here, at the site of portrait artist Sri Sanjay Das who specializes in various techniques of  painting portraits. Sanjay Das has been in this service of art since last 15 years. And, his favorite subjects are HUMAN FIGURE and FACE.A handmade portrait always seems more appealing and graceful than a photograph, a handmade portrait not only describes a person’s profile but his character also. Many years’ consistent study and practice of painting portraits makes Sanjay Das a skilful artist.

There are two main reasons to order a portrait from a photograph: First; people want their portrait should be made by a skilful and professional artist, second; no one has time to get a live sketch in this busy world. Today when everybody has everything, it’s not easy to decide a gift which is different and beautiful, for your loved one on any 

 occasion, in such situations, a handmade portrait is proved a unique gift for every occasion for every person regardless his age. In real it’s a tough but an interesting job to make a portrait from a photograph because it demands a lot of attention and care. To make a portrait from a photograph you have to decide what kind of portrait out of given below samples of portraits you want to make, for this you have to send a beautiful and clear picture of your or your loved one to the given email ID and after the given time period you will be received your portrait through courier.